If you're looking for counselling books to invest in, these books come with the Lincoln Counsellors Network seal of approval.  

The following books have been recommended by LCN members and guest speakers. 

Ted Talk: Pico Iyer: Where Is Home? 

About TCK (Third Culture Kids)​

Misunderstood: The impact of growing up overseas in the 21st century by Tanya Crossman

Over 200 million people currently live abroad; more than 50 million are temporary residents, intending to return to their country of origin. Misunderstood explores the impact international life can have on the children of such families – while they live overseas, when they return, and as they mature into adults. Similarities in their shared experiences (regardless of the different countries in which they have lived) create a safe space of comfort and understanding. Tanya Crossman introduces this space – the Third Culture – through the personal stories of hundreds of individuals. Whether you grew up overseas, are raising children overseas, or know a family living abroad, Misunderstood will equip you with insights into the international experience, along with practical suggestions for how to offer meaningful care and support.

Belonging Everywhere & Nowhere: Insights into Counseling the Globally Mobile by Lois Bushong

​How to effectively counsel clients raised outside of their parents' home culture. The readers will discover what are the basic characteristics and counseling skills effective with Third Culture Kids (TKC)  (those who have spent the majority of their developmental years outside of their passport country).

Living With The Dominator: A Book About The Freedom Programme - by Pat Craven and Jacky Fleming

​This book explains violent and abusive behaviour and places it in a social context. It can help readers of any age and sexual orientation to change their own bahaviour and to recognise when they are being controlled.

Blank Minds And Sticky Moments In Counselling by Janice Russell and Graham Dexter. 

Friends of LCN, Janice and Graham wrote this book, which I recommend to newly qualified and experienced counsellors alike.  For me, a must have on the counsellors bookshelf.  

Journeys With The Black Dog Edited by Tessa Wigney, Kerrie Eyers & Gordon Parker

In this book, people with depression share their stories.  Inspirational, and useful both for those suffering with depression and those who care for them.  

Navigating Teenage Depression by Gordon Parker & Kerrie Eyers

This is a guide for parents and professionals.  When does teenage moodiness cross over into something more serious, and how can we support teens with depression.  ​

Institutes and how to survive them by Robin Skynner

​Institutes and How to Survive Them" is an edited selection of papers about personal growth and professional development in the mental health field. It describes how institutions can resource professionals - through training, supervision and consultation - to include them in the equation of change.

Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds  by David C Pollocl & Ruth E Van Reken

​Filled with real-life anecdotes, Third Culture Kids examines the nature of the TCK experience and its effect on maturing, developing a sense of identity and adjusting to one s passport country upon return.

Freedoms Flowers: The Effects Of Domestic Abuse On Children by Mrs Pat Craven

​Freedoms Flowers is a book about the effects of domestic abuse on children. It is composed of firsthand accounts from these children and their mothers.

Mating In Captivity by Ester Perel

Recommended by LCN member, Mating In Captivity ​looks at the difficulty in maintaining an exciting and fulfilling intimate relationships with a partner. 

Counselling Adult Survivors Of Child Sexual Abuse by Christiane Sanderson

This book is aimed at counsellors at all stages, from novices to the experienced.  It provides practical strategies, valuable insights and information for those looking to understand and support those working with child sexual abuse and its impact on children and survivors. 

Last Orders; The Essential Guide To Your Letter Of Wishes by Patricia C Byron

Death is often a taboo subject and can leave people unprepared.  This causes extra stress at an already difficult time.  This brilliant book is really a workbook to plan how you would like your ending to be, from funeral wishes to caring for the loved pets.  

The power of vulnerability - TED talk by Brene Brown

Amazing TED talk by this brilliant, witty woman.

The emotionally absent mother: a guide to self healing and getting the love you missed by Jasmin Lee Cori

​Was your mother too busy, too tired, or too checked-out to provide you with the nurturing you needed as a child?  "The Emotionally Absent Mother" will help you understand what was missing from your childhood, how this relates to your mother s own history, and how you can fill the mother gap

Sexual Happiness For Women by Maurice Yaffe and Elizabeth Fenwick 

Recommended by​ Jakki Scoffin, sex therapist

The Upside Of Stress  by Kelly McGonigal.  

How to harness the positive power of stress. ​

Who moved my cheese? by Dr Spencer Johnson

A highly recommended, easily readable book about change ​

Writing Out of Limbo: International Childhoods, Global Nomads and Third Culture Kids by Gene H Bell-Villada

​Crossing borders and boundaries, countries and cultures, they are the children of the military, diplomatic corps, international business, education and missions communities. They are called Third Culture Kids or Global Nomads, and the many benefits of their lifestyle expanded worldview, multiplicity of languages, tolerance for difference are often mitigated by recurring losses of relationships, of stability, of permanent roots. This book provides a major leap in understanding what it s like to grow up among worlds.

Counselling Survivors Of Domestic Abuse by Christiane Sanderson 

​Counselling Survivors of Domestic Abuse explains how counsellors can facilitate recovery from domestic abuse within a secure, supportive therapeutic relationship.

Fat Is A Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach

Highly recommend by myself, this book is a true classic.  Looking at the relationship women have with food, body image, diets and size, it helps to make food our friend again, and accept ourselves. 

Counselling For Toads: A Psychological Adventure by Robert de Board

Based around The Wind In The Willows, Toad is depressed and encouraged to go for counselling.  ​This is his journey of self knowledge and self development using Transactional Analysis

Staying Together by Susan Quilliam 

Highly recommended by Denise Pickup, experienced relationship counsellor.  

This is one of the Relate series of books, which are a great resource. 

Help For Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weeks

A classic self help book for dealing with nervous anxiety.  ​

The dance of anger by Harriet G Lerner

A great book for understanding anger​

Intimate partners: patterns in love and marriage by Maggie Scarf

​A fantastic book, written in a style which makes understanding the concepts extremely easy.

Erectile Dysfunction by Ian Eardley, Krishna Sethia and John Dean 

Recommended by Jakki Scoffin, sex therapist​

Masters and Johnson on Sex and Human Loving 

Classic book on sexual relationahips

Basic Freud (Psychodynamics for the 21st century) by Michael Kahn

​An interesting introduction to Freud and psychoanalysis,written in a lively conversational style.Lots of anecdotes and examples.Educational but fun to read.