To Niche, Or Not To Niche.

Does your therapy practice have a niche?

It's advisable to have a niche in your therapy business, but still many people don’t.

I wonder why this is?

Well there's a chain of thought that by having a niche it'll reduce the number of clients as it may put some people off, therefore we advertise that we deal with any type of need in order to attract clients in a ‘Jack of all trades’ way.

It's understandable, you don’t want to be turning business away.

However having a niche has the opposite effect.


The reason?   It sets you up as the expert in your chosen area.

Remember, the full saying is ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.

For example, if you're a hairdresser a niche could be wedding hairstyles:  wedding styles are often more intricate, may require a veil, or flowers, or braids, it may be an updo and also the hairstyle has to last the day.

So brides will want to employ someone that can meet their needs, and that has experience around these areas along with the ability to advise on different styles.

If your specialty area is weddings then you become the go to person for people who are looking for something special for the big day rather than a regular hairdresser.

It makes your business stand out.

This makes it a lot easier for you to market your business.  Advertising in wedding publications, attending wedding fairs, offering packages to include the bride, bridesmaids, mother of bride, and practice sessions all make your niche actually help you to focus on a particular area rather than a blanket marketing approach.

However, regulars will still go to you for all their normal hairdressing requirements.

So it’s a win/win situation! You get more customers from the bridal market, you have a focus for your marketing and still have regular clients.

All it takes is some extra training, practice and thought to enable you to give a top quality service.

So whichever therapy business you are in, find yourself a niche. It really is good for your business.

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