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18th March 2017

​Improving Your Practice with an Attachment-informed Approach

With ​Cristina Odigie-Bulnes

​'This talk will offer the group an opportunity to take a closer look at Attachment Theory and reflect on it from various psychotherapy and counselling angles.

The talk can help explore how attachment impacts the therapeutic alliance and how this theory strengthens all clinical practice.

Working within an attachment-informed framework can also help practitioners reduce the number of DNAs (did not attend) in their practice.'

Cristina Odigie-Bulnes

Cristina Odigie-Bulnes is an integrative child and adolescent psychotherapist and member of Lincoln Counsellors Network. 

22nd April 2017


With Angeline Hennessy-Thompson​

'Have you ever felt stuck with a client during the counselling process?

We will be exploring the issues that can be keeping clients stuck in their grief or preventing clients from starting the grieving process.'

You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present

​Jan Glidewell


Angeline Hennessy-Thompson runs her practice iThrive Counselling in Sleaford, Lincs. 

20th May 2017

Phobias: The Case For Cautious Non-Intervention (CNI)

With Professor Roderick Orner

'My objective is to encourage a different approach to assessment of material presented by clients who report phobias.

This raises questions about risks associated with conventional intervention techniques which are rarely mentioned.

The aim of the workshop is to foster more considered counselling practices.

The session format involves a brief presentation of my ideas on these subjects to be followed by a peer discussion of delegates’ past experiences with phobic clients and how future practice may be informed by a CNI approach.'

Roderick Orner

Dr. R. J. Orner

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Visiting Professor in Primary Care Psychology

Force Majeure Maritime

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