Do you have a counselling niche?

We all know having a niche is good for your counselling business – it differentiates you from the competition, makes marketing easier and you become the ‘go to’ expert.

But how do you go about finding your niche?


Chances are you are already drawn to a certain area of work, something will interest you more or you have noticed you are very successful with a particular aspect of your work.

But finding your niche may not be quite as simple as that.

It may be the way you work - the modality you use, that you offer home visits or work at weekends.

There will always be something that makes you different from others.

Find it, and perfect it.

In my last blog 'To Niche Or Not To Niche' I used the example of a hairdresser offering a specialist wedding service, so lets stick with that.

To specialise in offering a bridal hair service, you'll need to focus your training, CPD and interest into this area.

Which is great! There are so many subjects out there to grab you attention, this really helps you pinpoint your attention and get the most benefit from the time, money and effort required for CPD

Read books, follow blogs, and connect with similar people on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep up to date with the goings on in your chosen area - what are the current trends and styles, what have celebrities been wearing?

Then get a picture of who your ideal client will be, making this picture as in depth as possible - age, lifestyle, books they read, magazines, films etc. 

You can now start to focus your marketing attention on this ideal client you have created – what problem does this person have that you can solve?

And you can focus any advertising in the places they may see.

Also, start blogging about your niche – 10 top tips etc. For our hairdresser, it may be how to nourish the hair for shine on the big day, or honeymoon haircare.

This will further demonstrate your specialty in your chosen area.

So if you don’t already have a certain area you are drawn to, keep an open mind and look outside the box.

You are a unique person, make your therapy business unique too.

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