Are You Losing Clients Without Even Knowing It?

How easy is it for potential clients to contact you?

What happens when a potential client wants to use your services?

They look around, at adverts and on the internet, at directories and websites and decide on someone that feels like the right person for them.

Then, they give you a call...


Ring ring.

No answer. Oh.


Ring ring, no answer, then generic mobile phone voicemail message.


Do they leave a message, not really knowing if their confidential, personal message will get to the right person?

Or do they go to the next person on the list?

I know what I’d do!

You work hard to get clients:

  • You advertise
  • You blog
  • You use social media 
  • You network 

Which all take time, money and effort.

So it doesn't make sense that when clients want to use your services - which for some people takes a whole lot of courage to pick up that phone - you provide such a bad experience for them.

So my challenge to you is to look at the process around how clients contact you, and make it as simple and user friendly as possible.

Record a warm, friendly message for your answerphone, and reply as soon as you possibly can. ​

You can't help people if they can't get in touch with you, so don’t lose that client!

…and if you need some help just get in touch.

Email me now for a free no obligation chat

Invest in yourself.  Invest in your business.  Invest in your future. 


Hi, I'm Jane Travis. You're passionate about counselling, and want a thriving, successful practice. I'm passionate about helping you achieve that. I work with ambitious, proactive people who are committed to their private practice success - is that you?