9 benefits to Counsellors Networking Groups

Have you considered joining a counsellors networking group?

Do you have a counsellors networking group in your area?  Maybe you've considered joining one, or even considered starting one, but aren't sure what they entail.

I've been involved in the Lincoln Counsellors Network since it formed in March 2013, and it's provided many benefits to local counsellors.  Let's look at them.


Are You Losing Clients Without Even Knowing It?

How easy is it for potential clients to contact you?

What happens when a potential client wants to use your services?

They look around, at adverts and on the internet, at directories and websites and decide on someone that feels like the right person for them.

Then, they give you a call...


To Niche, Or Not To Niche.

Does your therapy practice have a niche?

It's advisable to have a niche in your therapy business, but still many people don’t.

I wonder why this is?

Well there's a chain of thought that by having a niche it'll reduce the number of clients as it may put some people off, therefore we advertise that we deal with any type of need in order to attract clients in a ‘Jack of all trades’ way.

It's understandable, you don’t want to be turning business away.

However having a niche has the opposite effect.


The Most Simple Business Plan You’ll Ever Write

Just hearing the words ‘business plan’ turns my blood cold!

My eyes glaze over and I am filled with a kind of tedious dread – it all just seems too boring!

However I recently became a little lost and unsure of which way I wanted my business to go, so I thought I’d give a business plan a try.

Here’s what I did…


Value Added Therapy

As counsellors, we want to help people, bring them self acceptance, clarity and peace. 

But many counsellors find the money side of running a counselling business​ unpleasant, distasteful and difficult to deal with.  Taking money from people in need often doesn't sit well.  

But when we turn it around, and look at what value we bring out clients, what be give them, then it all becomes easier.  

So let’s take a look at value, and what it means to us as therapists


What Do Clients Want?



‘People don’t want a drill, what they want is a hole in the wall’

This is a quote* the very knowledgeable Jo Wilson at Fill The Gap Marketing uses all the time, and it speaks volumes to me.  (Take a look at the video on the home page of her website)

Most people don’t want to spend their hard earned cash on a drill.  Good, lovely, delicious cash that could be spent on wine and/or maltesers.

However,what they do want is a nice environment to live in, and they want their special pictures hanging on the wall.  If they want to hang the pictures, they will need a drill.

So how do you market a drill? 

  1.  This drill has a newfangled thingy that’s made of the strongest metal known to man.  It was designed by NASA scientists, it glows in the dark, has an inbuilt satnav and has Bluetooth so you can listen to music while you work.
  2. With this drill you will easily and effortlessly be able to hang your pictures.    


But Jane’, I hear you cry ‘I’m not selling drills.  I’m a therapist.  Step AWAY from the vino’.

Okaaaay…. How about this……

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