10 Reasons Why Networking Is Perfect For Your Therapy Business


Do you disregard business networking as something that’s not for you?

You do?  You could be missing a trick!

Networking is perfect for your therapy business and here are 10 reasons why:

1.  It raises your profile.  Networking is a great way to be more visible and let people know who you are and what you do.

2.  You have the opportunity to explain clearly the benefits of the service you provide. 

3.  The services you provide are of a personal nature, so trust is vital.  Networking helps to build trust, and gives us the chance to de-mystify what it is we do.

4.  Forming relationships with other local business people.  Networking isn’t about selling, its about marketing, you are there to make relationships with others, to build trust.  Don’t expect to leave a meeting with a full diary, it can take 4 – 7 contacts before referrals might be given, but you will forge important relationships with other local business people.

5.  You have the chance to meet local people that may prove very useful to you – a printer, a social media expert, an accountant etc.

6.  Often, networking groups can be very low cost.  In Lincoln there are a couple of breakfast meetings that are only £3, which includes a bacon butty!  Some cost considerably more, but offer more in return.

7.  There are networking groups to suit everyone and at every time of day.  Do some research in your area, and find one that feels right for you and fits in with client commitments.

8.  Networking groups very often have a training element where a local business will give a talk.  These can be really useful and I’ve experienced lots of advice about marketing, local events, cyber safety, changes in legislation, journaling for business…the list goes on.  Also, you could give a talk about your business – sometimes you do it for free, sometimes you have to pay, but its very cost effective promotion of your business and the services you provide.

9.  Networking groups give you the chance to form collaborations with other businesses.  You may find someone that would be perfect to put together a workshop with, or share office space, or advertising space.

10.  It can be fun!  If you work on your own, networking gives you the chance to get out there and make connections and friendships – and have a laugh!

So give it a go, what have you got to lose?



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